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Steampunk April O’Neil ^^
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It felt oddly comfortable sitting beside April like this, Casey wasn’t exactly sure how to feel other than conflicted. Uncomfortabley comfortable. It was like somehow within the van was a little bubble of silence and peace, distant from the dismay they’d just endured. It was peaceful until you delved deeper, and felt the wars waging inside of each and every one of them. That’s where it became uncomfortable.

Upon hearing April’s words, it felt as though Casey’s body was caving in on itself— his heart felt like a crumpled piece of paper.
He’d thought the same words for the hours they’d been driving, over and over again, but still somehow couldn’t bring himself to believe them. Not even when they were coming from a different mouth.
Teeth grit together, Casey let the steering wheel go as well as April, balling his fists against his eyes.
His voice was quiet and broken.
"I screwed up, Red… It doesn’t matter… I’m a freakin’ screw-up.”

April’s face fell as she watched Casey crack in front of her, and the helplessness she had known since the night her father was carried away in that helicopter returned. It had never really left her. Oh, she had trained and meditated and undermined the Kraang every way she could—all steps taken to assert control over her life and circumstances—but ultimately, she was just a girl. No, a mutant. A mutant fashioned by an alien race that had plotted her entire life like an experiment, right down to the people she had believed to be her friends. She had only been deceiving herself. She never had any control.

And yet… she had the guys. She had Casey. And they were her choice, not the Kraang’s. “You did the best you could…” she murmured, her voice thin in its conviction. No. Her hands tightened into fists against her thighs, and she looked up at Casey with fire snapping in her damp eyes. “You did the best you could,” she repeated, her voice tired and ragged but firm, daring him to contradict her. 


Casey just stared downward, scanning over the many paint spatters stained into his jeans. His head hurt… everything was just so loud right now. Even if the road was quiet, it felt like there was a concert playing with blown-out amps, buzzing messily inside of his brain. What was worse was that he felt like he shouldn’t have been as numb and blurry as his mind made him feel.

April’s dad had gotten mutated for the second time, the guys lost their dad and their brother was seriously hurt…  that was way worse. April had to watch her dad get mutated— they all had to watch Splinter get tossed away like he was trash. Casey felt as though his issues really didn’t measure up to matter as much as those did.
It all made the inside of his head so loud.

He blinked, bringing himself back to earth as he felt April rest against him. For some reason, it made his mind a little quieter— she usually did anyway. Keeping his forehead planted on the steering wheel, Casey shifted, wrapping a single arm around the girl next to him. Usually he always had endless topics to go on and on about— but for now, talking didn’t really seem as easy as it was only hours before.

The security of Casey’s arm around her steadied April in the center of this chaos as much as it steadied him. Curling closer against him, she covered his knee with her hand and distantly gazed out the windshield, not quite seeing the road ahead. The natural beauty surrounding her was lost to the fresh memory of the destruction left behind.

April almost didn’t recognize her own voice when it softly interrupted the silence. “They could have made it out…” She smiled hollowly, repeating what Casey had boasted more times than she could count, “Your dad was a professional hockey player.” Looking away from the road, she glanced over at him, not quite able to see his face or read his reaction. “If he’s anything like you, he would fight back.” 


As much as it hurt to do it, April couldn’t stop herself from periodically checking back over her shoulder during the long van ride upstate. Every time she did, Leo’s broken body would steadily disintegrate into an unrecognizable blur as the threat of tears filled her vision.

Aliens.” He cracked a grin, hanging upside from the fire escape just short of her face like a… well, a turtle, obviously—but more like a turtle convinced he was a monkey, if she was being honest. ”Only in my weirdest Space Heroes saturated dreams!”

She shook with a small gasp of silent laughter, her smile broken at the edges. On impulse, April closed her eyes and once more cast her thoughts out to him like a line. While her mastery of her mind was far from refined, her self-possession had immensely improved under Splinter’s direction. This time, he was close, drifting just beyond her ability to reach him.

Pressing her fingers to her temples to alleviate the headache that was beginning to scatter her focus, April quickly gathered everything she felt into a single thought, and like a net thrown blindly into dark waters, she sent it after him. Worry, sorrow, hope, fear, and above all else, love. Her concentration broke before she could see the result, but with luck, it would embrace him and shield him from the storm she could sense on his horizon.

Leo was lost in a dark haze, trapped in his mind as his body worked to recover from the traumatic injuries Shredder’s wrath had caused. He knew nothing but unconsciousness. Not even dreams.

Something yanked his mind forward and he gasped, lungs expanding and plastron straining with the effort. His body felt alive. Pained but alive. For this second. He’s aware for long enough to register orange and yellow close but far and then he’s out again, breathing easier. asleep rather than locked away. 

donatallo asked: I just had a bad thought: did April leave her red radio behind?

"It’s just a radio, Donnie…"


"It’ll be there when we go back. If we go back…


He didn’t even bother looking down once April’s hand met his arms. His eyes just kept scanning the long, empty road with an unecessary amount of intensity. Mouth twitching at her suggestion, Casey quickly spun his head back, checking on his turtle brothers. They all seemed to be passed out in a conjoined pretzel around Leo— guess none of them would really notice if he pulled over for a few minutes, right?

"Yeah, okay." Casey replied simply, slowing down as he approached the side of the road until they were at a complete stop. He pulled the keys out of the ignition, placed his hands back on the wheel and stared forward. Mouth pressed in a hard line, his forehead soon met between where his hands rested on the hard plastic. Not saying anything, he merely just let out a shaky sigh. Everything sucked.

Satisfied with Casey’s answer, April had stared out the window again. At the rate the empty scenery had been whipping by before, watching it slow and eventually stop gave her a surreal impression of watching time freeze. When she looked back at Casey, the illusion was complete. 

She felt like the last person in New York qualified to offer him any words of comfort. She had been betrayed by a friend she never really had, watched her father mutate again, lost her city and her sensei—how could she tell him everything would be okay when she didn’t even believe it herself?

April’s defeated eyes dropped to her scuffed boots, intending to give Casey a little space, but somehow, she just… couldn’t. When her dad had mutated and she fell out with the guys, he had been there. Where Irma had been fake, he had been real. Real and upbeat and admittedly an aggravating mess at times, but always her friend—at a time when she sorely needed one. And now he needed her.

Without a word, she slid over and hunkered down against his side, drawing her knees to her chest and hugging them close. Then she simply leaned her head to the side, resting it against his shoulder. The gesture was simple, but the message clear: I’m here.



Upon my fourth watching of this scene (because I’m a glutton for angst don’t judge me) I noticed the way Mikey protectively catches April when Raph shoves his way to the front of the bars in his rage.
and don’t even get me started on that friggin hug scene I’m sure it has already been discussed thoroughly in all corners of the fandom so I won’t go there

Dangit! I live for moments like this and I don’t even notice them when they happen!!!?

AU: Kunoh-no!


"Oh-vralls." Lea repeated. They looked pretty comfy. Her face scrunched up at cookie remains; she let the crumbs fall from the girl’s hand and to the ground. "Ew."

Lea then gasped a little, tilting her head to see where the said items were stowed. Oh-vralls could hold a lot of stuff. “Crayons? What kinds? Oh…” Realizing something, straightened again quickly, giving a little wave.

"I’m Lea! Who’re you?"

April was about to reply with an enthusiastic “ALL kinds!” but reigned in her bursting enthusiasm when the turtle introduced herself. Lea was a nice name; it was certainly easier to remember (and pronounce) than Okaasan. Her daddy called the nice lady who cut her hair Leah. 

Planting her fists on her hips, April scrunched up her face into a huffy pout and leaned forward, scolding herself in an imitation of her mother’s grown-up tone, “Oh, where are my mammers?” Beaming, she held out her hand like Daddy always insisted she do when meeting someone new, and answered eagerly, “My name’s April O’Neil!”