Donnie frowned. That one was a joke. There weren’t any bears whose range extended to this part of the Northeast, right? “… At least they’re easier to fend off with a bō staff than a 3-millimetre-long arachnid,” he said, just in case.


"You let me go out in the woods when I could’a been fixing something?!" he complained, appalled. He wasn’t nearly as upset with April as his tone implied, but he needed something besides his own carelessness to blame for his becoming host to however many parasites had latched onto him.

He squirmed a little at the prospect of laying in the sun with April. “N-now, hate's a strong word. I could probably stand nature for a little while… if you promise I won’t get bitten by any more ticks.”

"Oh, I can’t promise you anything, Donatello,” April challenged with a dangerous smirk, as if they were risking life-and-limb and not just a couple tick bites by laying outside. Speak of the devil, she spied another one just under the lip of his shell and promptly plucked it off.

"But I guess we wouldn’t be ninja if we didn’t live on the edge."


"I’m really sorry, April. I know it’s not the same… and I get it if you need me to leave you alone for a while."


"… If you wanna get away, I’ve got a nice sunny spot the others don’t know about."

She almost took him up on his offer; being alone sounded like what she needed right now. But when she thought of sitting by herself with only the company of the memories that… that thing had churned up—picnics and swings and stars and laughter—she realized she had been alone for too long. 

"Why don’t… you show it to me?" she proposed quietly.

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"Well— tss— maybe I was only basking out of boredom because I’ve already taken apart my tPhone fifteen times and the next closest thing to a computer here is miles away.”


"And that was before I knew that sunning myself outside meant chancing more ticks burying their heads into my skin. How many more things are gonna try to eat me out here?"

"Only the bears," she answered with a mild smile, dropping the tick in the sink with the rest. "If you’re bored, I found a radio that could use some tinkering. When we finally get around to cleaning this place up, it’d be nice to have music."

Shrugging indifferently, she added, “In the meantime, I was planning on laying a blanket outside and enjoying the sun while I can, but since you hate basking and nature so much… You wouldn’t want to do that.”

xeversayfishface asked: "Weather in New York is grim this week. Acid rain with a chance of blue sunshine at the weekend. This has been Xever with the weather back to you at the studio April."

April froze. She knew that voice.


Turning on a dime, she drew her tessen and splayed it with a click of cold iron. “Take one more step, and I won’t hold anything back.”


"Oh, right, I forgot that not being human means bowing to base instincts and relishing the primitive savagery of ‘the wild’," Donnie said petulantly. His bitterness was rewarded with the sting of alcohol on the open bite. "Tss—!"


"What’s the appeal of living somewhere with more blood-sucking parasites than there are cars?"

Unfazed by his snappy complaints, April serenely plucked another tick free and applied the alcohol with a gentle dab.

"Funny. You didn’t seem to have a problem with it when you were out basking earlier." 


Casey couldn’t help but laugh as April backed away. Seeing her covered in flour was just way too funny in general. They both were starting to look like little ghosts with how much white covered them.

I know I am.” He snickered. Still laughing even when she grabbed the entire bag of flour.
"Get away from me, Red," It was hard to say it seriously when something so innocent was being used as a weapon. He tried pushing her back, but with no avail, he was laughing way too hard.
Hey!" Casey yelped, desperately trying to push up his bandana before she could attack but by then he had a head full of flour.
"Aw— AW!
"Oh, you’re in for it now.” Slipping his hood back off, Casey shook his head, flinging loose powder at April before quickly wrapping his arms around her and hoisting her off the ground. 
He grabbed at the bag of flour in her hands, managing to steal a handful of it in the struggle to hold up a squirming body.
"Can’t escape now, Red.” He grinned evilly, shoving all of the dust down the back of her shirt. “What’cha gonna do about it?”

Laughing shamelessly, April flinched back and guarded her already thoroughly-powdered face with her hands as Casey shook out his hair, pelting her with even more flour. Before she could recover enough to defend herself, her feet had been swept out from under her, and she found herself at the mercy of a bear hug. “Casey Jones! Put me down or I’ll—I’ll put you down!”

Uselessly kicking out her legs and wriggling in his hold, she fought to keep the bag out of his grasp, but ended up shrieking with laughter when flour found its way down her shirt.


"Oh, that’s it!” Wriggling her arm free, she sucked on her finger and delivered a ruthless wet willy.

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april week || day 4 || hugs

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"Could’a warned me…” Donnie grumbled. He stiffened in preparation for the ticks to be removed, shivering a little at the first one. Seeing the thing darkened and engorged with blood was more disturbing than the sensation of it — his blood didn’t belong inside of anything but himself.



"Couldn’t you have picked a place for a family home with less… nature around it?”

"You’re a turtle," April quipped right back.

"Shouldn’t there be some kind of… I don’t know… call of the wild?" Dabbing his arm with some rubbing alcohol, she poured more into the sink after sealing it and dropped the tick in. Priming her tweezers again, she went in for another tick.