Fan and Sword


"Tough talk for someone who uses a fan.” August taunted back, tightening his grip on the blade between his hands. “better be ready to use that fan April, things are about it get hot.”

He lunged forward and swung the blade at his twin, a playful grin spread across his face. It was on.

"Really?" April’s smile cracked into a competitive grin, and the second August was moving, so was she. Stepping to the side and sliding the edge of her fan along his wrist as Splinter had instructed her in her sparring sessions with Leo, she redirected his bokken to the floor and smugly flicked him between the eyes with her fingers. If August’s training had been anything like hers, then she knew that he had lots of practice reacting to the sword, sai, staff, and nunchaku, but she doubted he knew what to do with a fan. “I guess so, because I’m on fire.” Point one, tessen.

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Fan and Sword

"Okay, Augie…” Splaying her tessen with a flick of her wrist, April shaded a demure smile with the weapon while daintily fanning herself. “Your move.” Sliding into a ready stance on the dojo carpets, she narrowed her eyes and waited for him to take the first strike.

temperamental-turtle asked: [Birthday Meme] "C'mon, /rookie/. Think you can beat me to the Byerly building on tonight's patrol? Or are you just slower than us /turtles/?"


"You say that like I haven’t already won. See you at the finish line, loser!"

"I wonder why everyone’s acting so… wait. They do know my birthday’s tomorrow, right?”


"Perfect! Let’s get started."


"So… how much performance were you hoping to get out of this laptop by wiping the drive? Because I promise you I can double it."

"Enough performance to install that new Teen Spy software I ordered."

"Apparently a program that can hack into surveillance cameras takes up a lot of memory. Who knew?"

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"You are so cool.”


"Do you want the tiara too? I thought it was pretty, but it turns out it doesn’t stay on unless you have hair."

"Between that and the tutu, I’ll look more like a dancing princess than a dancing queen, D. Did Donnie put you up to this?

"Okay, but on one very crucial condition: does it have glitter?"

frecklefacedninja asked: "April, April! We need to go topside! If we don't get sprinkles, pork rinds, and turkey bacon /right now/ my pizza is done for!"

Is that supposed to be a problem? I don’t see it.

"Okay, Mikey, okay… Just give me a second to put my shoes on."


"I do hope so."


"Look, here. This one is called The Tale of the Bamboo Cutter. Donatello was always very partial to this one.”

Donnie? Really?”


"You know… it’s funny, but I guess I’ve always just imagined him growing up on A Brief History of Time or… I don’t know. The Origin of Species. What’s it about?”

lea-nardo asked: "Want to hit topside for some fresh air? I promise that there won't be any training involved."




"Who are you and what have you done with Lea?"

"Hey, I’m not always training! I can have fun, too.”


"…Sometimes it just gets too stuffy down here, even for me. What do you say?"

"You can fit your entire body into that tiny shell…"

"…And you want to talk about stuffy?”


"Uh, yeah. They’re from when I was little…"


I just think dance is prettier with tutus okay?

"Nah, you’re right. Pssh. What was I thinking? Lame, right? Who dances to Charred Walls in a tutu?”


"No one."